funki boeks



funki boeks

VI - november-december 2017

Shed you, like I shed the hair from my head when I come home from the club at 10 a.m. still high and decide it's a good time to give myself a hair cut.

V - october 2017

Exaclty one year ago, the sun was warming the concrete at Angers Commercial Center. The end of the summer, almost indian, had to stand weeks and was indifferent to the concerns of the elderly and the nostalgics of winter. The heat was intense of the tarmac, I noticed it when

I took my bag : it burned my back for a second.


The car finally came ; I needed a brand new future.

I discovered how broad the possibilities were.

I opened my eyes, wide :

the signs gave place to depth and questions.

IV - march 2017

My grandfather always says my generation and

I are too impatient, but Jim Morrison already said in 68:

"we want the world and we want it, now."

III - february 2017

You know, it is sometimes good to go to Delphi,

take a seat, sacrifice one or two cows and listen carefully to the future.

II - december 2016

Stronger together with the Golden Light.

I - november 2016

An opening to universality through teleportation :

our first report.